ECU Remapping - Choose Performance or Economy Tuning


KEE Automotive offer professional ECU Remapping services for your vehicle to give increases in POWER and ECONOMY

We can remap most vehicles from the year 2000 including Cars, Vans, Taxi, Fleets and HGV vehicles

Our staff are Motor Industry trained and have spent many years working on new vehicle programs with blue chip companies including Ford, Jaguar, Lotus and Rolls Royce.
This experience allows us to offer a unique service and enables us to confidently say;

                         "We have designed vehicles, we know how they work and we understand what ECU remapping can do for you"

In addition to our Chelmsford based workshop service we can offer a mobile service covering all of Essex and parts of  East Hertfordshire, North London, East London,
North Kent, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.. Click here for a list of major towns and areas we cover.
For those further away we can offer a a postal remap service or nationwide installation service via our partners.

Turbo Diesels
Full Power = 25% to 30% increase in BHP, Torque and some increase in MPG.
Turbo Petrols
Full Power = 20% in BHP, Torque and small increase in MPG

Non Turbo Petrol and Diesels
= 10% to15% increase in BHP, Torque.
(Up to 7.5% on most Cars with over 250BHP as standard.)

allround ecu remap
Turbo Diesels
All Round = 15% increase in BHP, Torque and 5% to 10% increase in MPG.
Turbo Petrols
All Round = 15% increase in BHP, Torque and upto 5% increase in MPG.

economy ecu remap
Turbo Diesels
Economy = 10% increase in BHP, Torque and 10% to 20% increase in MPG.
Turbo Petrols
All Round = 10% increase in BHP, Torque and upto 10% increase in MPG.

zaviz approved dealer

  • The increased power will optimise your vehicle increasing your driving experience
  • Your vehicle will be much more responsive to you right foot
  • Flat spots will be ironed out
  • Power will be delivered more smoothly making your trip much easier with less gear changes
  • Quicker acceleration making overtaking much safer
  • All economy results depend on vehicle, load, road type and your driving style

We can remap most vehicles from year 2000 onwards.
Check out the list on the bottom of the “Vehicles” page or give us a call



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Worldwide Vehicle Tracking system - PinPointPal

 We have been appointed agents for PinPointPal - Worldwide GPS Vehicle Tracking System
 This low cost vehicle tracking system is ideal for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, trailers, caravans, boats
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